“wonderful little cottage”

Thank you for the opportunity to stay in this wonderful little cottage.Everything is placed so thoughtfully and considerately.We had a lovely time here. The 7 days ran so quickly. Knowing the Cotswolds quite well, it is still worth a journey.All the best - God bless you. 

Regina - September 2018

“beautiful cosy cottage”

Thank you so much for making it possible for us to stay in your beautiful cosy cottage!Everything was picture perfect from walking in on Friday night.So thoughtful the slippers as well as the toiletry bags.Can and will highly recommend this amazing cottage.

Michelle - October 2018

“we spent 5 days at your lovely cottage”

We spent 5 days at your lovely cottage. It is so very nice and "cosy" here, we loved it very much. For my huband and my 2 children it was the first time being in England and they enjoyed the time in the Cotswolds very much. Your cottage was therefore the best choice to stay. It provides all the neccessities and needs; you really thought of everything!Thank you very much. We might come back.

Yvonne - October 2018